why was saving molly so difficult?

Locating molly the cat -

Considering no one had actually seen where Molly had gone it opened up a floodgate of possibilities. If she's now covered by a pile of garbage in the alley how would we reach her? It was so narrow we had no chance of maneuvering through it and even equipment had to be carved down to fit into the alley. If we were able to locate her in the pile, how would we reach her without bringing the entire pile of garbage onto her? And what if she entered the tunnels going into the building? She could have gone into the side of the building but she also could have gone into the floor boards, a never ending alleyway through the first floor of the building. What we wound up having to do was physically investigate each possibility and rule them out one by one.

Myers of Keswick is in a national landmark building.

Because there are laws that protect National Landmark buildings from being touched structurally, we were limited in what we could do to find Molly. When the fire department came over they had opened up some holes on the side of the building and in the ceiling (from the basement) of the first floor. We used these holes to put a snake camera we had rented (a 100 ft. snake like camera) to try and find Molly. This required us finding alleyways through the floorboards and then letting the camera sit and waiting to hopefully see her.

Part of the reason but definitely not the only one this became a big story was the question, what limits there are when you're trying to save an animal and it's stuck in a national landmark building? People from the National Landmark commission did come down and look over what we were doing, gave us an ok and even left a can of cat food to try and tempt Molly.

Myers of Keswick serves food -

Myers of Keswick is a haven for transplanted Englishmen and women. They serve cottage pies, sausage and have all types of others foods sold back in Great Britain. This was not the ideal location to have to open up a wall with a drill bit and have plaster flying. The owner of Myer's was understandably apprehensive on letting us open up his stores walls and in the limited times we were able to it was late at night and for limited times and places. While this was our greatest way to locate her it was also the most difficult place for us to get to and most days we were not able to work on the wall.

The conditions in general -

For two weeks straight we spent the better parts of our days in a very old basement breathing in who knows what. It was hot, dusty and the situation alone was very stressful. Most of us worked 15-17 hour days, did not eat nor drink enough and by the end of this experience many of us actually started to have health problems. On top of this it was just like the movies in that it became a circus outside the site with the media and onlookers alike. You'd step outside to try and get some clean air and immediately have microphones and cameras put in your face. At the same time the media helped this story keep going, helped us keep searching and played a big role in us finding Molly.

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